5Dimes Casino Review

5Dimes Casinowww.5dimes.eu is undoubtedly the best kept secret in the online casino industry. A contributing reason is their lack of a flashy casino website, bonus offers, and strong affiliate program. The reason 5Dimes puts limited focus into casino marketing is they are one of the largest reduced juice sports betting sites in the industry, holding a top consensus rating at all major industry review portals including SBO.net.

Additionally, with no banners or casino specific website to send players to, most affiliates don’t include mention of 5dimes on their website. This is a real shame if you’re a casino player, or perhaps would have been had you not found this 5Dimes Casino Review.

Best Casino Payouts Online

What makes 5Dimes so special as an online casino is the fact they offer by far the highest payouts. For example in roulette a winning bet on red/black, odds/even or hi/lo pays 1.07x the stake as opposed to even money everywhere else. Baccarat pays 1.01x on winning player bets and winning banker bets pay just 4% commission. Blackjack has higher payouts and perfect rules; Pai Gow pays 1.02x for a winning bet (that’s right no commission and you get better than even money); and the same concept applies to every other game in their bonus casino. No matter which game you play, or which wager you make, the house advantage is designed to be less than 1%.

5Dimes is Legit

If this sounds too good to be true, think again. As explained in an article I wrote on DGS software 5Dimes is one of the few safe to use casinos servicing players from the United States. You see not only is 5Dimes certified by Certified Fair Gaming (CFG) as an operator, but their software provider is certified as well.

As mentioned in the intro they are primarily a reduced juice sportsbook. When other betting sites have odds of -110 (1.91 European) for sports, 5Dimes often has -105 (1.95 European) or better. Their casino is a way to show commitment to their model of offering the best value to their customers. All major watchdog sites (both casino and sports betting) agree that 5Dimes Casino is legit.

Caribbean Stud Poker at 5Dimes

In the bonus casino of www.5dimes.eu there are ten versions of Caribbean Stud Poker offered (note: when looking for them in the menu the game is simply called Stud Poker). When optimal strategy is used the one with the lowest house advantage is Great Five Bonus Caribbean Stud which carries a 0.491% advantage. However, this game has a very top heavy pay table which means it is a slightly tougher game to beat 5Dimes Casino Payoutsthan their Full Pay version, which has just a 0.493% advantage.

With a difference of just 0.002%, Full Pay Bonus is no doubt the version you want to play. The table to the right puts into perspective just how great the odds are playing at 5dimes as opposed to other casino sites. If you’re using the strategy suggested on this site, this game carries just a 0.493% house advantage, while standard pay tables used elsewhere have a 2.56% advantage.

As far as downsides are concerned, some might complain about the lack of a progressive jackpot. However if you examine the pay table in the image to the right, you’ll see far more is paid here at 5Dimes for Straights, Flushes and Four of a Kind than the typical progressive offers. Now while I think this game is best, no worries if you disagree.

As I mentioned earlier 5Dimes has 10-different variants on offer. One of them is called Dropped Credit Straight Flush Bonus Caribbean Stud which offers as good or better progressive jackpots than those found in Vegas, AC or anywhere else on the internet.

The other downside a very tiny percentage of players might complain about is the betting limits. The 5Dimes tables have a $1 min / $100 max, but keep in mind this for the ante, so when raising a $100 max bet you’re wagering $300.00 per hand. If you normally bet more than $300 per wager, please my children would love for our family to have a new house. You can mail us a check to… okay just kidding. If you’re in that tiny-percentage of players who wager this amount, refer to our page for high limit players.

The final issue, and this a huge hurdle for some, is 5Dimes Bonus Casino does not offer bonuses; the bonus is the higher payout on each winning bet. This is paradigm issues. I’ve tested their games against the bonus offers and Caribbean Stud Poker clear rates of every casino we recommend on our website. The advantage of other casinos at 2.56% house edge + bonus, against 5Dimes at 0.493% house edge with no bonus is no comparison; 5Dimes comes out ahead in all tests. The other factor as well, bonuses hold your bankroll hostage. If you’re stuck with a 20x, 30x, 50x or any sized rollover for that matter, and get ahead, you’re not allowed to simply stop playing and cash out. You see with 5Dimes not only do the higher payouts give you a better chance to win, you are also free to come and go, depositing and cashing out, as you please.

For all reasons covered in this 5Dimes Casino Review, I’m extremely well convinced there is no other casino online better for playing Caribbean Stud Poker than www.5dimes.eu.