Casino Software Providers

Searching the internet for information on Caribbean Stud Poker it soon becomes apparent just how the polluted the web is with low quality affiliate sites.

Thankfully the casinos themselves actually realize many players do care about unique features, payouts and the like and for this reason each of their software providers has something different to offer. While in brick and mortar casinos Caribbean Poker is the same no matter where you play, this is vastly different on the web. With that said, here is my list of the top 6 software providers for Caribbean Stud Poker along with what they each offer.

#1 is Galewind – The stone cold nuts of is in my opinion Galewind software. Their company powers the casino of popular sports betting site The two make for a great combination, as Galewind provides games with higher payouts and lower house edge (just 1.64%), while Pinnacle gives players 0.3% cashback on their betting turnover.

#2 is Cryptologic – This is by far my favorite for overall functionaloty. There is dealer audio, the voice of which can be changed on demand, that calls all the actions such as “ante please” and my favorite saying “Dealer Qualifies; Player Wins!”. What’s neat is the game speed; that game is dealt fast while still being player friendly. When you click raise, the cards quickly get tucked under your chips the same way as it’s done in Las Vegas.

The dealer hand is turned up, then the player hand is turned up and all bets are taken or paid. This is smooth and literally takes a couple seconds at most. If you’re looking for a great overall experience for sure consider then Crypto are definitely a provider worth looking at. They also have 5-handed multi-player tables, which are something not offered by other sites.

#3 is Migrogaming – Microgaming gets the nod for their modified payouts which cut the house advantage by 0.10% while giving players a much better chance at a big score. Here the progressive jackpot bet pays $20,000 on straight flushes as opposed to the 10% of jackpot found elsewhere. Considering progressives rarely reach $200,000 this is a much better deal. They also have FAR better payouts on the raise bet for top tier hands as well.

#4 is DGS – I personally like these guys for the fact that every one of their online casinos is certified by Dr. Elliot Jacobson of Certified Fair Gambling (CFG). Leading player friendly portal considers CFG highly reputable, which gives huge bonus points towards trust factor in my book.

Of course what I most like about DGS is they power the online casino with by far the best odds. For details read my review of 5Dimes Casino.

#5 is Rival Gaming – The only reason Rival does not rank #2 on my list is because they do not offer a progressive jackpot on their version of Caribbean Stud Poker which is called Five Card Poker. Other than that this game is perfect with lower standard deviation and just a 1.64% house advantage, due to modified payouts their game offers.

#6 is Playtech – I don’t have too much to say about Playtech themselves as the game is fairly average. It functions well and has what you’d expect it to have, but the payouts are standard, as in the same you’d find in any real world casino.

What moves Playtech onto making our list of top 6 is the fact they power many of the most reputable casinos in the world including Betfair, Betfred and William Hill. Also, using optimal strategy and a bonus, it is possible to cut the house edge down to just about even. For all these reasons it was hard to keep Playtech off the top list.