Casino Software Provider Cryptologic

CryptologicCryptologic is a casino software company founded by computer wizkid Andrew Rivkin and his brother Mark. In the late 1980’s while just a teenager working from his parents’ basement, Andrew developed a networked business system that could be used for payment processing. In February 1995 he and his brother decided to develop online casino software from their home in Toronto which could utilize this payment system. Setting up in Antigua and Barbuda in 1996, they opened their first online casino

The remainder of this company’s story is interesting and can be read about in Wikipedia entries: Cryptologic and Andrew Rivkin. To give the short version here: this company went on to become one of the most successful software providers in the gambling industry boasting the the likes of William Hill, Betfair and Playboy as clients. Their progress however slowed when a change in US law went into effect in late 2006 called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). These days, most of Cyptologic’s focus is with their original site

Caribbean Stud Poker at InterCasino

IntercasinoI’ve been fan of the Cryptologic software since I first discovered it back in 1999. Back then I’d play every month clearing a bonus at both InterCasino and Sands of the Caribbean and maintained lower level VIP stats at both. Today I still LOVE this software just the same. My favorite feature is game speed. For whatever reason, other sites program their software in such a way the cards are dealt one by one with pauses for dramatic effect. By the time you read your hand, click raise, wait for the dealers hand to turn up, you could do at least five push ups, okay maybe two if you’re out of shape. The great news is at InterCasino this isn’t the case; the game here is fast.

The game is not only dealt fast, but it also has neat features. For example the table has dealer audio, which can be changed to a different dealer on demand, who calls all the actions such as “ante please”, “Dealer Qualifies” or my favorite one “Player Wins”. It has cool visuals, for example: when you raise, with no hesitation your cards are quickly folded up and tucked under you bet the same way as it is done in Vegas. The dealer hand is quickly turned up and called, the player hand the same, and then bets are taken or paid. Now I know describing it, these sound like features to slow the game down but they’re not! The game speed is great and for playability I rank Cryptologic #1 by a wide margin.

Table Selection

As far the game stakes and table selection, this is another area InterCasino excels. Here you can find Multi-Player Caribbean Stud Poker with each table having five seats. Most casinos don’t even offer this feature as they’re scared of collusion, and the few others that do (example: 888Casino) offer it with only three seats. For betting limits there are five different options which are:

  • $1 minimum, $50 maximum
  • $2 minimum, $100 maximum
  • $5 minimum, $300 maximum
  • $50 minimum, $1000 maximum
  • $100 minimum, $1000 maximum

As you see, there are limits for everybody. At most casinos the betting limits are small. For example, at Microgaming the table limits are $2 min / $50 max. At InterCasino the five table options above are available for both the multi-player tables and the traditional single player tables. Another neat feature is Cyptologic casinos offer double the standard payout on the raise bet for Royal Flushes. In June 2013, the Royal Flush jackpot was $161,000, among the highest found anywhere online.