DGS Systems Caribbean Stud Poker

DGSDigital Gaming Systems, better known as simply DGS, is a popular online gambling software provider servicing mostly US friendly sportsbooks. Their history started in 2001 when they began leasing software to a number of sports betting sites.

Their casino software came about in 2003 when BetCRIS (bookmaker.eu) became the first to attach it their online sportsbook. Today, Digital Gaming Systems (DGS) software is attached to dozens of betting sites including 5Dimes, Bookmaker, Youwager and even the popular SportsBookReview forum. Of these casinos, 5Dimes offers by far the best odds.

DGS Casinos Are Certified for Fairness

What is important to understand is DGS casinos are perhaps the most trustworthy in the entire gambling industry. You see these days faulty casino software, and outright cheating scandals, do happen from time to time. As you can read in this Pittsburgh Tribune article not too long ago there was an incident with a company running rigged craps games.

This was exposed by gambling consultant Michael Shackleford, known as the “Wizard of Odds,” and Eliot Jacobson, operator of Jacobson Gaming. These two are both advocates of Certified Fair Gambling (CFG) and conduct casino game audits while working for CFG. Also, in December 2011, CFG discovered a rogue video poker game at online casinos YouWager, JustBet, and SBG Global. In this case it was the fault of their software provider Amigotechs.

The main reason DGS is considered one of the best, is they are certified by CFG. Additionally, www.5dimes.com is certified as an operator, and also offers modified payouts which result in the lowest house advantage games in the casino industry, period!

To be clear about the significance of this, Certified Fair Gambling (CFG) was founded in 2003 and certifies online casinos and poker rooms for game fairness. Casinos that display the CFG seal have met all of the CFG standards for fair gaming. What’s more, they are subjected to monthly auditing and certification procedures to ensure that their games are still fair.

DGS Caribbean Stud Poker

At DGS Casinos the game is referred to simply as Stud Poker. Now it’s important to note, if you like to play at sites with big progressive jackpots, then you won’t find these here. If you’re instead concerned with getting by far the best odds, then you have come to the right place. While most DGS casinos use 5Dimes Caribbean Stud Poker Pay Tablethe standard pay tables that can be found in Vegas and Atlantic City casinos, one notable sports book that uses their own is 5Dimes.

At www.5dimes.com there are ten different versions of DGS powered Stud Poker available to choose from. The one with the lowest house advantage is listed in the description as Great Five Bonus Caribbean Stud but this game has a top heavy pay table, meaning that it pays more on the less likely hands.

A far better game is the first one on their menu, listed as Full Pay Bonus Caribbean Stud. The image to right is a screenshot of the pay tables for this game. If you compare these to the standard odds listed on our rules page, it’s pretty easy to spot the advantage here.

For example, normally three of a kind pays 3 to 1, straights 4 to 1, a flush 5 to 1, full house 7 to 1 etc. Compare that to the image on the right and you’ll see playing the DGS software game at 5Dimes is a far better deal.

Downsides of DGS Software

Perhaps the only major downside of the DGS software when it comes to Caribbean Stud Poker is the lack of a progressive bonus. However at 5Dimes they have a $1.00 drop bonus bet that pays out much more. The payouts for this are Flush $180.00, Full house $230, Four of a kind $1,000, Straight flush $3300 and Royal flush $10,000. This is actually quite incredible as the only hand you’re losing out on against the typical progressive is the Royal Flush. To put into perspective most casinos that offer a 1 chip bonus bet pay just $50 for a flush, $100 for a Full House, and $150 to $500 for four of a kind.

When you realise the 5Dimes version of DGS Stud Poker offers great value for the $1.00 side bet, the lack of a progressive is not an actual downside.

Note: 5Dimes accepts players from all countries including China, India, United States, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico, Canada and the entire European Union (EU).

DGS Corporate Details

Address: Edificio La Colmena, Suite 300, Sabana Sur, San José, Costa Rica
Phone: (866) 398-5446 / +506 2 289 0780
Website: www.dgscr.com
Email: [email protected]