Galewind Software Caribbean Stud Poker

Galewind Casino SoftwareGalewind Software Corp. is a Canadian based technology company which uses the corporate address 300 – 1275 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6H 1A6, phone number: +1 604 909 3845 and website On their website you can view the credentials of their impressive team of staff who each has over 15-years of experience working in computer technologies. In addition, their engineering team combines for over 70 years of experience in high-security, high-volume business application development, deployment and support.

Galewind is a Class Act Casino Software Company

Although Galewind is one of the lesser known providers of online casino software, these guys have an impressive track record on the topic of fair gambling. Back in 2008, a player at one of their licensees (a gambling site named Heroes Casino) won almost $40,000 playing blackjack. This player’s payout was initially stalled with the usual tactics of asking him for ID’s, telling them they were not clear and to “send again”, and later telling him security was reviewing his account. Once the stalling act was exhausted, Heroes Casino told the player the software was flawed and he was not getting paid.

This led the player to fill out complaints at every watchdog forum he could find and in short order took up his case with Galewind. This got immediate response because two of the most respected authorities on fair gaming, Dr. Eliot Jacobson of Certified Fair Gambling (CFG) and Michael Shackleford better known as the Wizard of Odds already had some association with Galewind.

CFG had recently certified the software and The Wizard was a consultant on some of the games and payouts. Dr. Elliot Jacobson performed further audits and examinations, and then concluded by saying: “In the opinion of CFG, Galewind Software offers a fair and properly functioning product that shows no bias. The RNG is not weak and the software is not faulty.” In spite of this, Heroes Casino would not let up on their claim it was Galewind’s fault. Chris Colby, the President and Chief Technology Officer of Galewind, went as far as offering his source code to other independent testing agencies, but Heroes management declined.

Despite all the evidence that this was the case of a licensee acting rogue, Galewind did something that rarely occurs in this industry. They revoked Heroes Casino’s software license and paid the player out of their own pocket. If there is any doubt as to who was at fault, read this SBR post about Heroes casino history.

Next realize that , Dr. Eliot Jacobson of CFG and Michael Shackleford of Wizard of Odds are still today the leading authorities on fair gaming and in late 2011 discovered a rigged craps game using BLR Technologies software and in early 2012 a rigged video poker game using Amigotechs software. Meanwhile Galewind is still going strong with the world’s highest volume sportsbook using their software to power Pinnacle Casino.

Pinnacle Sports is the Pinnacle of Sports Betting

Galewind CasinoIn case you’re not familiar, Pinnacle is a discount sportsbook that offers -104 pricing while allowing $30,000 per bet with multiple max bets allowed on NFL sides. Their history dates back to mid-1990’s and since this time they’ve always offered the highest betting limits with the lowest margins, while never banning or limiting someone for winning too much.

Pinnacle Sports also holds top ratings at all major industry watchdog sites including, Sports Book Review, and Bookmakers Review. There is no doubt about it this company is safe and secure to wager with. When it comes to their casino, this is an awesome choice for players looking to play Caribbean Stud Poker online.

Pinnacle Stud Poker and Oasis Poker

At there are two games very similar to Caribbean Stud on offer. The first is called Pinnacle Stud Poker. The only difference is that here the payouts are modified to give players better odds. Using perfect strategy at Caribbean Stud gives the house a 2.56% advantage, while using the same strategy at Pinnacle Stud Poker gives the house a 1.64% advantage.

The second variant is called Oasis Poker; this one involves a draw option. Here players can draw one or five cards for 1x the ante, two or four cards for 2x the ante, and thee cards for 3x the ante. The payouts are also unique. I’ve covered this game in great detail in my Pinnacle Review. That link is worth checking out as it contains a strategy to get the house advantage down to an extremely low 0.55%.

In addition to the better odds, Pinnacle Sports pays a bonus on every single bet. Each day they take your total daily turnover, multiply it by 0.30 and issue the sum as a cash bonus. This bonus is free and clear with no rollover to meet. When you consider everything that’s covered in this article, the Galewind and Pinnacle Sports combo is undoubtedly one of the best you will find, be it online of offline.