Microgaming Casino Software Provider

Microgaming Casino SoftwareIn 1994 the first ever online casino software was released by a small company that a couple years later would be named Microgaming. As the first to the market, Microgaming dominated the online casino industry during its infancy signing on more than 200 operators to use their software. Unfortunately, their size also created some problems. This is because Microgaming operated their own online poker network called Prima Poker and many online poker players began to associate the names Microgaming and Prima Poker as being the “operator” as opposed to the “facilitator”. When a small percentage of their some 200 clients acted rogue it reflected badly on the many reputable gambling sites powered by their software.

To combat this Microgaming worked with other online operators to establish e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance better known as eCOGRA. How this worked is gambling sites who met strict criteria on topics such as fair gaming auditory compliance and financial audits were given an eCOGRA certified seal which let players know the games were safe. Unfortunately through the process of this all, some Microgaming clients failed to qualify for the seal or had their eCOGRA status terminated. This actually led to several sites such as those part of a whitelabel provider called TUSKS to eventually fail. The consequence for players with balances on the failing sites was grim as many entered liquidation. Although Migrogaming has always been and still is a “facilitator” not an “operator” today they only provide casino software to the most reputable companies.

Reputable Gambling Sites

Companies using Microgaming software include the likes of sports betting giants Ladbrokes, Unibet, and Mansion88, which in order are #1 in UK, Europe, and Asia each offering multiple languages and betting currencies. As far as Microgaming themselves is concerned, this company has continued to grow larger and larger. It now powers their own online poker network as well as The Italian Poker Network which is certified by the Italian regulatory authority AAMS, and, through a joint venture with 888 Holdings plc, The French Poker Network which already has six operators licensed. Their largest operation still remains casino, where they run a number of networked jackpots, and offer over 6,000 games to 160 operators.

Player Friendly Games

What makes Microgaming so unique is how friendly they make the games for players. Amidst the many suckers games found in any casino, Goa and Macau included, here you’ll find a plethora of player friendly games. For example Microgaming offers a one deck baccarat game that lowers the house advantage on banker bets to 1.01% and offers a French roulette game with La Partage rule that lowers outside bets to a 1.35% house advantage. If you think these odds are special, they also offer a single-deck blackjack game with rules S17, no peak, D9-11 and the ability to hit split aces. Using perfect strategy this version of blackjack called “classic” carries just a 0.13% house advantage. Now not all players are looking for the lowest house advantage. For example Caribbean Stud players are most often interested in hitting a large jackpot. Allow me to cover just how outstanding of a game Microgaming offers for these players in my next section.

Caribbean Stud Poker at Microgaming

At Microgaming casinos the Caribbean Stud Poker game is called Cyber Stud Poker, which is the same game with unique payouts. As most Caribbean Stud Poker players are aware, Caribbean Stud Poker has a 2.56% house advantage when played optimally. This is rather high for a card based casino game as most blackjack jack games are under 1%, baccarat is just over 1%, Pai Gow Poker has a 1.46% house edge when alternating Cyber Stud Poker Payoutsplayer/banker, etc. The reason players play Caribbean Stud Poker is not the house advantage. They instead play because they’re looking for a slow grind where large jackpots can potentially be won. Microgaming services these players better than anyone.

The Paytable to the right compares the payouts of Microgaming Cyber Stud Poker with that of standard Caribbean Stud Poker games. As you can see they’ve lowered the payout on 2-pair and increased the payout considerably for the higher tier hands. As a result the game’s house advantage is lowered to 2.46% as opposed to the 2.56% standard. However, variance is also increased. Players at Microgaming are going to lose on average a tiny bit faster in most sessions, but in the sessions they make some big hands will on average be paid much higher. In our opinion Cyber Stud Poker is by far the best game for players looking to hit a large jackpot at a casino table game.

Progressive Jackpot

Microgaming also offers a unique pay table for the $1.00 bonus bet which is:

  • Royal 100%
  • Straight Flush $20,000
  • Four of Kind $500
  • Full House $100
  • Flush $50

You’ll see the major difference here is that Straight Flush doesn’t pay the same 10% of jackpot it does at most casino, it pays instead 20,000 to 1. This far more than standard as with online casinos Caribbean Stud Jackpots usually start at $10,000 and are generally hit before reaching $120,000. At the time I’m writing this review the Caribbean Stud Jackpot at Microgaming is $106,452.

Game Intricacies

Now because the payouts are so high. one factor you’ll find here is smaller betting limits. The table stakes at Microgaming are $2 min / $50 max. This is still a decent sized bet as with the $50 ante and $100 raise that’s $150 per bet on played hands. A small tip to help with any confusion, there is no jackpot bet available on the “no download” version of the software that runs in-browsers. To participate in the $1.00 jackpot side bet you’ll need to download their casino software.


Overall Microgaming Casinos are one of our top choices for players looking to play Caribbean Stud Poker for the chance to hit a large jackpot. If you’d like to try your luck, I suggest doing so via www.ladbrokes.com as this is the largest and most trusted online casino using Microgaming software.