Honest Online Casinos

The majority of online casino related websites either suggest that they are all honest, fair and financially secure, or they ignore this topic all together. This website is owned by actual players. For me, I’m writing about my favourite game, so it makes sense that I address this topic at a sincere level. Most other websites are run by internet marketers who for the most part don’t care about us, the players. All they are about is lining their pockets with the commissions paid to them, regardless of whether the site is legit or shady.

The truth is that not all casinos are honest. Rigged games have been discovered in the past and some rogue operations simply steal players money. It’s important when gambling online to do your research. Stay away from the dodgy operators and only use reputable companies.

How do I know if a Site is Honest?

This is a tough question to answer because while there are some levels of regulation in place, none are foolproof. There have been numerous cases of companies appearing legitimate for years before getting caught or turning rogue. You can scan the forums at casinomeister.com, read the rogue operator reports at RouletteOnline.net or scan the numerous threads at twoplustwo.com to learn about instances involving RNG’s cracked, rigged craps games, rigged blackjack, faulty software, stacked live dealer decks, slow pays, flat out no pays and the like.

Another factor is most watchdog portals, news sites and review websites are operated by affiliates. Generally speaking, these website owners are more concerned with which companies have the highest player value and commissions, than they are with which ones are honest or good for players.

Now if you read pages such as our Pinnacle Review you’ll see this is a topic we’ve addressed in detail. Here we cover why these companies are ideal for our game of choice (Caribbean Poker) and also relay the facts that support their honesty. This is about the extent of what we can do personally: cover why we believe a casino is safe, honest and fair, and leave it to our visitors to do the research from there.

Our Recommendations

5Dimes5Dimes.eu – (US Players Accepted)www.5dimes.eu offers the best odds in the industry with a;most every bet in their casino having an edge under 1.00%.

The reason we trust they are legit relates to Certified Fair Gambling (CFG). This is a company that certifies casinos for game fairness. They are considered reputable by one of the most player friendly casino portals, www.wizardofodds.com. 5Dimes comes with a double layer of protection for reasons that their software provider DGS is certified by CFG and their own casino is certified by CFG.

ladbrokesLadbrokes.com (No US Players) – you can learn more about the reasons why on our page on Microgaming software, but this in our opinion the best place for players who are chasing a large jackpot payout.

To clarify, if you’re okay depositing X amount and playing until it’s either gone or you’ve hit a large payout, Microgaming offers the best game for this. The reason we feel Ladbrokes is safe is because they are certified by eCogra, licensed by the GRA, and have been publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange since 1966. Back then they were valued at £1 million. By 1993 the company was valued at £2 billion and today has profits exceeding that annually. In business since 1886, and the largest bookmaker in the UK, there is no doubt that www.ladbrokes.com is an honest gambling site.

PinnaclePinnacle Sports (No US Players) – As mentioned earlier Certified Fair Gambling is a reputable company that checks the integrity of casino games. Pinnacle Sports is one of the companies they’ve given their highest seal of approval.

As with 5Dimes, Pinnacle offers double protection of sorts. Their software provider Galewind has a history of honesty while the company itself is certified. The casino at www.pinnaclesports.com offers a 0.3% cash rebate on every bet, and uses modified payouts that give players better odds. Apart from all this, the reason we believe Pinnacle Sports is honest is because they are the largest online sportsbook in the world in terms of wagering volume on American Sports. This is true in spite of the fact that they work off the lowest margins in the industry and offer the fastest payouts. This is in our strong opinion one of the safest gambling sites for players to use.

Fair Gambling Promise

On this page I’ve covered only four examples of companies I consider to be honest. If you do the research on any of the others linked to on this website you’ll likely find they are either listed highly on any genuine gaming portal. In short, they are all high profile. are publicly traded and/or have other impressive histories to leave me in no doubt that they are at the very top of the internet gaming pile. While I can’t guarantee things outside my control, I can guarantee that at CaribbeanStudPoker.org, I do my absolute best to make sure I only recommend the best of the best. I encourage you do your own due diligence as well, to avoid rogue outfits.