Caribbean Stud Poker in Goa India Casinos

Goa CasinoThe small Indian state Goa has long been popular for tourism. If you’ve visited other states in India you’ll quickly notice the difference when visiting Goa. This is because from the year 1510 to 1961 they were under Portuguese rule and only became an Indian state in 1987. Here the culture is diverse with 65% Hindu / 25% Christian as the major religions. The state is absolutely stunning and has a very positive atmosphere, as well as an interesting history about its mythical origins. To be clear, most foreigners don’t visit Goa for the purpose of casinos. There is a great deal to see and do here as you can read about in Wikitravel Entry: Goa. However, casinos are part of what this wonderful small state offers.

About Goa Casinos

In Goa casino gambling is legal statewide which is quite rare for an Indian state. However, currently land based casinos must be licensed and only electronic games are available. Where the real action comes is the casinos located offshore from the Capital of Goa, Panaji. These casino vessels include Casino Goa, Casino Royale Goa, Casino Carnival, Maharaja Casino and Casino Pride and have table games just the same as you’d find in Macau or Las Vegas. In the past many of these casinos offered my favorite game Caribbean Stud Poker. In recent times the game is scarcer due to the Texas Hold’em boom in India. For example Casino Royale rarely has a game table open and just recently removed it from their website’s list of games on offer. The good news is Caribbean Stud Poker is still available at Casino Goa.

Casino Goa

Located on the yacht M.V. Caravela and anchored in the River Mandovi, Casino Goa is all about targeting tourists and not locals. In order to even get on the vessel you’ll need to choose between Rs. 1,600 ($32 US) for the morning sightseeing cruise (10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.), Rs. 3,000 ($60 US) for the sunset cruise (5.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.), and Rs. 4,000 ($80 US) for the dinner cruise (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.). A good idea is to plan this in advanced with a travel agent as generally you can get free gaming chips for close to the size of your entry. Also note these fees include the Rs. 500 entry fee tax that state government collects.

Once aboard you’ll find a variety of games with stakes between Rs. 100 minimum and Rs. 1,00,00 maximum. These games include American Roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat, Flash, Slot machines and of course Caribbean Stud Poker. Worth noting though is the variant of Caribbean Stud at Casino Goa is the same as Rival Casino’s Stud Poker Game. Stud Poker is played exactly the same but has slightly different payouts and no progressive jackpot. If you’re looking to hit a jackpot aboard the M.V. Caravela you’ll need to try your luck at slots.

Online Gambling in India

There are a few online casinos for playing Caribbean Stud Poker that are very friendly to Indians. When playing Caribbean Stud Poker and working off the bonus at the same time, some houses have an amazingly low advantages, as low as 0.06%. To put this into perspective wager all day long and for every INR 1L wagered the average expected loss is just 60 rupees. Of course this includes just the raise and stake while playing optimal strategy; it does not include the bonus bet.

To our knowledge no Indian has ever gotten in trouble for betting with a licensed reputable betting site located abroad. Considering it’s possible to use an e-wallet account like to deposit and withdraw anonymously, this is a very low risk option. That means, you can not only play casino games for real money, but also play poker and wager on sports including Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket.

In closing if you’re located in India and want to play casino games live head to and book a cheap flight to Goa. If you’re in India and want to play casino games online in Indian Rupee INR then that is totally feasible. If you have any questions about how to use e-wallets like Skrill, just do a Google search. Here you’ll quickly realize Skrill has many more purposes than just gambling. This is evident by the number Indian freelancer content writers and programmers having nothing to do with gambling who have shared the specifics of “how to open a Skrill account from India” on their blogs.