Playing Online

Caribbean Stud Poker is my favorite casino table game to the point I’ve built an entire website about it. On other pages of this website I’ve shared experiences of playing live in Las Vegas, Connecticut, Atlantic City, Aruba, Macau, and even in Goa India. Although when I first set out to build this website I never expected to become a gambling expert, this is more or less what I’ve become. When it comes to online play I’ve now scouted hundreds of casinos finding the websites that are truly the best for playing online. This is what I’ll share on this page with no hype or other BS, while doing my best to only recommend the very best places to play.

Best US Casinos

The gambling sites I most recommend for US players are far different than you’ll find at other websites operated by internet marketers. While I do have an affiliate relationship with these sites, this came well after I used these sites myself. Now the two sites I recommend are not actually “online casinos”; one is known better as a sportsbook and the other better as a poker room. For the first, check out my 5Dimes review where you’ll learn about a Caribbean Stud Poker game that has just a 0.49% house advantage.

The other site I recommend for US players is Here you’ll need to download their software, and access their other games via the casino tab. Their casino is small with video poker, roulette and blackjack as the only options. What makes Carbon Poker so unique is they have a $1 min / $50 max table that has a $0.20 jackpot side bet as opposed to the $1.00 jackpot side bet offered elsewhere. At the time of this review that jackpot is over $43,000. This is amazing based on the fact it costs 1/5th the price to enter; no jackpot offered online is even close to five times $43,000. This makes Carbon Poker the site with the highest value jackpot offered at the time I’m writing this article.

Non US Players

Outside the US there are lots of great options. There’s also a version of this game where due to a generous bonus offer the house advantage has been cut to just 0.06% on the raise and the ante. This gives you a much greater chance to win. Now if you’d prefer to play without bonuses, check out my review of Pinnacle Casino. This is part of a popular online sportsbook not well known for their casino games. However here you’ll find Caribbean Stud with a 1.64% advantage as opposed to the 2.56% standard. What’s more Pinnacle Sports provides a refund of 0.3% on every bet made in their casino regardless if that bet wins or loses.


Of course not all players are looking solely for the best odds. If you’re into the best software and features a great choice is Here a 100% up to $250 sign up bonus is offered, the jackpot tends to get quite large and there is a VIP rewards program available. Another “potential” benefit while risky and not advised is collusion. This is possible due to their offering 5-seat multi-player tables available. Be sure to read my article on collusion before trying such a strategy, and also be sure to pay very close attention to the warnings.

Now if you’re looking for a game with big pay charts, this can be found online at Their online casino uses Microgaming software which has a unique pay table. The network jackpot bet pays $20,000 for straight flushes instead of the 10% of jackpot offered at other sites.

Considering jackpots rarely reach $200,000 this is much better value. Also their raise bet pays 999 to 1 on Royal Flushes (as opposed to 100 to 1 standard) and also pays higher on the other top tier hands. The point to note is even though Microgaming’s version of Caribbean Stud carries just a 2.46% house advantage (0.10% less than standard) their game has higher variance. Here you’ll lose your full deposit on average a bit quicker, but in the times you catch some lucky big hands you’ll be paid a heck of a lot more. If you’re looking for the best chance at a big score, Microgaming is for sure the best choice.

If you happen to play high stakes, you’ll probably also want to check out where up to a $2,000 max ante bet can be placed.

Best Casinos Online

To give a summary recap, my list of top choices is as follows:

  1. – best odds with no need to worry about clearing a bonus.
  2. – best for players seeking large jackpot payouts.
  3. – great odds and a rebate on every bet win or lose.
  4. – highest value jackpot bet costing just $0.20 to enter.
  5. – best software by a wide margin.
  6. – Best site for high rollers.

Each of the gambling websites just listed are industry leaders well known for their safety and reliability. In short, you won’t find a better place to play than those listed above.