Caribbean Stud Poker Odds

If you’re looking to play Caribbean Stud at whichever online casino offers the best odds, there are a handful of choices out there.

If you are from the US, be sure to read my 5Dimes Review, as 5Dimes not only offers the best odds, but also the fastest payouts.

Sample Bonus Breakdown

As covered on my strategy page, when playing optimally the house still has a 2.56% advantage. To calculate the house edge with a bonus we first take $8,000×0.0256=$204.80. This tells us that after making $8,000 of wagers on the ante + raise we’ll on average lose $4.80 of our own money plus the $200 bonus, for example. This is calculated as 4.80/8000=0.0006 which is a 0.06% advantage when playing with the $200 sign-up bonus.

Comparing Casinos

Below allow me to breakdown bonus offers of some of the top casinos.

InterCasino Bonus Compared

At InterCasino a 100% up to $250 bonus is offered with a 15-times rollover. However, Caribbean Stud Poker clears at only 40% the normal rate. This means $18,750 rollover is required. If you manage to meet this rollover you’ll also get 1875 comp points which have a value of $18.75. So 18,750*0.0256=$480. If we deduct the $250 bonus plus the $18.75 earned from VIP points, our expected loss is 480-($250+$18.75)=$211.25. 211.25/18750=0.0113 – this means the house has a 1.13% advantage when playing at Cryptologic powered casinos, after the bonus has been taken into account.

888Casino Bonus Compared

888Casino offers a 100% up to $200 bonus and Caribbean Stud clears at only 20% the standard rate which brings the rollover to $30,000. It would be tough to meet this rollover before going broke, but if you manage to you’ll get an extra $30.00 back from their VIP program. So the edge is (30,000*0.0256)-($200+$30)/30,000=1.79%. As you can see this is a very difficult bonus to clear and you’ll likely lose your account balance before meeting the rollover.

32Red Bonus Compared

This is an interesting bonus due to how much fine print is involved. First off, the opening offer is deposit £100 and get £160.00 free. There’s a rollover requirement of 30-times the bonus amount only, but because Caribbean Stud Poker only counts for 50% the normal clear rate the rollover is actually 60-times. So here it is £160×60=£9,600. Furthermore the maximum bet allowed when playing with the bonus is £6.25; any additional amount does not count toward the rollover. Finally, the quirkiest term is that only the ante counts toward the play through requirements.

Calculating the house advantage was extremely confusing due to all the fine print mentioned above. The way I calculated it was at £6.00 per hand we need to play 1600 hands to clear the bonus. Using optimal strategy we’re going to raise 52.23% of the time. So about 836 of those times we’ll wager an additional £12 which totals $10,032 additional wagered. So we’re actually putting £9,600+£10,032=£19,632 into play. This game uses Microgaming software where the house advantage is 2.46% as opposed to the 2.56% standard, so, with £19,632 wagered the expected loss is £482.95 of which £160 was the bonus. The house advantage is £322.47/£19632=0.0164, which works out at 1.64%.

Sticky Bonus Warning

Rival Casinos offer some of the best odds in the industry, but when playing here I strongly advise avoiding the bonus. If you’re new to online gambling, or don’t understand just how profitable bonuses are for the operators, I strongly suggest reading the information contained in my article on Rival Gaming software. This will be an eye opener and help you realize what to look for when shopping odds and bonuses.

Best Odds with No Bonus

If you’ve read through the Rival software page, you might decide bonuses are not worth it (something I agree with). In this case I suggest reading both my 5Dimes Review (US Players) and Pinnacle Sports Review (No US Players). These two websites are not at all well known for casino games, as they’re both sportsbooks geared towards savvy players. However, each offers casino games with a far lower house advantage that can be found anywhere else online, and this applies to Caribbean Stud Poker as well.