High Stakes Tables

High Stakes Caribbean Stud PokerCaribbean Stud Poker is not well known as being a game for high stakes player. In Las Vegas and Atlantic City the game is often featured with a $5.00 minimum bet and in the few Goa casinos that offer it, the ante is just Rs. 100.

The one place live where the stakes are larger is Macau where the minimum bet is rarely under $200 (HKD), which is about $26.00 US. Keep in mind the minimum bets are often lower because the rules call for a 2-times the size ante raise in order to stay in the hand, something which adds up very quickly. For example, if we’re betting $10 per hand, if we want to play our hand, it will cost us a total of $30 ($10 ante bet plus $20 play bet).

When it comes to online play, minimum stakes are often low here as well. Most online casinos support $1.00 minimum bets, where as at Microgaming casinos $2.00 is the minimum and $50.00 the maximum. The reason for the lower maximum here is because they offer the best odds for those seeking large jackpot payouts. Unfortunately for high rollers the maximums are not too much larger elsewhere. For example at Playtech, RTG and Rival powered sites, the maximum bet is just $100 for the ante. The good news is there are four websites available for those of you who want to play for higher stakes.

Pinnacle Sports

Although Pinnacle Sports is best known as a sportsbook, they do offer one of the industry’s most competitive online casinos.They offer a game called Pinnacle Stud Poker, which is the same as Caribbean Stud except the payouts are larger.

In addition to better payouts, Pinnacle offers a 0.3% rebate on every wager made win or lose. With betting limits of $1 min / $500 max this is by far the best place to play for high rollers. To get started with them, visit www.pinnaclesports.com.


www.intercasino.com is my favorite casino as far as playability is concerned. Their websites uses Cryptologic software which has the best game functions and is also the quickest; the latter helps when there is the desire to increase turnover. Here you’ll find a 100% up to $250 welcome bonus plus a VIP program that when combined cuts their edge on standard payouts down to just 1.13%x.


888 Casino is the place the highest stakes games are offered. Here there are three tables to choose from: $1 min / $300 max, high rollers: $5 min / $500 max and VIP: $10 min / $2000 max. While their payouts are nothing special, they do offer many bonuses as well as a VIP program you can learn about on their website www.888casino.com.

Additional Casinos and a US Option

Although there might be some other sites offering high stakes, these do not meet the criteria I’ve set for them to be listed on this site.

Having scoured the internet for all the reputable options, the best sites for high rollers are no doubt Pinnacle Casino, Intercasino and 888. The unfortunate news is none of these sites accept US players.

If you’re in the US the highest limits I know about are offered by Carbon Poker. Here they have games with table limits of $5 min / $500 max. Of course, Carbon Poker is predominantly an online poker site, but they do offer a small selection of other games to their customers. Once visiting their site www.carbonpoker.ag, download the software and click the casino tab and you’ll be ready to get started. Unfortunately in the USA right now, there are no better options.