Progressive Jackpots

Caribbean Stud Poker was the first table game to feature the ability to win five or six figures for a single chip ($1.00) wager. Although the game had existed in Aruba since the mid 1980’s it was a conversation several years after its invention at Binion’s Horseshoe that revolutionized the game. This was where casino owner and game developer Danny Jones was given the idea from Las Vegas Hilton employee and software engineer Michael Titus that a progressive jackpot would make the game popular. The two soon later partnered and before long were promoting the first casino table game with a progressive jackpot.

Online Play

When playing live in casinos such as those in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Macau, Caribbean Stud is always played with a progressive jackpot. Online this is not always the case. For example casinos using Rival software have no progressive, but do a have higher payouts which cuts the house advantage to just 1.64%. Worth noting however is that this is an exception and not the norm; most online casinos DO offer progressive jackpots. In this article I’ll cover a couple worth mentioning and then discuss the importance of searching around for the best offers.

Microgaming Jackpots

People love Caribbean Stud because of the chance of hitting a big score. If we wanted great odds, we’d all be better off playing low house edge games such as blackjack and baccarat. This is because with perfect play, the lowest house edge is around 2.56%. This is rather high for a table game, so the real draw here is the bonus bet. In my Microgaming review article I explain in detail why Microgaming is the best software provider for jackpot hunters.

The main reason is because their tables pay less for 2-pair and more for all the big hands. Here, hitting four of a kind or better you’ll end up with a much larger payout on the raise bet than you’d find at other sites. Also, when it comes to the 1 chip progressive bet, straight flushes pay a flat 20,000 chips instead of the 10% of jackpot offered elsewhere. Because online jackpots rarely reach $200,000 this is a far better deal.

Carbon Poker

Another site worth checking out is one that most players would never find for reason it is located at a site not marketed as an online casino. The site I’m speaking about is To access their game you’ll need to download their poker software and then select the casino tab. Here you’ll find a small handful of games one of which is “Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive” where the jackpot bet costs only $0.20 as opposed to the $1.00 standard. Even though the cost is only 20cents as opposed to $1, the amount you can win is much higher proportionally, when compared to other sites.

Always Shop for the Best Offers

Shopping odds is generally a strategy only advised to sports bettors, however this is something casino players should also do. For example when I last sat played online the jackpots were $44,383 at a Playtech casino, $58,715 at LuckyRed (RTG), $88,433 at Pinnacle (Galewind) $106,184 at Ladbrokes (Microgaming), and $160,656 at InterCasino (Cryptologic). Of course by the time you’re reading this article, these figures are likely very different. Personally I’d suggest keeping accounts with all the sites listed on our home page.

A final note is that after finding the biggest progressives, you should also consider which game offers the best overall odds. There will be plenty of times when playing at a smaller site such as Pinnacle is a much better choice than a game with a much higher jackpot. The reason for this is that Pinnacle has a far lower house advantage on the raise+ante bet and offers a 0.3% win or lose rebate on every wager.