Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

Sit back and enjoy our detailed video which explains the rules of Caribbean Stud Poker.

Caribbean Stud Poker RulesCaribbean Stud Poker is a casino table game offered by many land-based and offshore casinos and at virtually every internet casino. In some cases the game is played under alternative names such as Cyber Stud Poker, Stud Poker, Caribbean Poker and Tropical Poker. No matter what the name, the rules are the same.

How it Works

To begin with, like blackjack it is a heads-up casino table game. What I mean by this is each person is playing against the house; not against each other. Both the player and the dealer receive a 5-card poker hand, all cards are face-down except one of the dealer’s five cards; that single card is turned face-up for all to see. To explain the game in the simplest terms: there are two ways to lose which are mentioned below.

  1. If you fold your hand, you lose your ante bet. To play, you need to add an extra bet equal to twice the ante. So by folding, you save 2/3 the cost, resulting in a 1/3 loss.
  2. If you stay in, the only way to lose is for the dealer to show a hand which is at least Ace-King high that ALSO beats your hand.

The ways to win are as follows:

    Caribbean Stud Poker Payouts

  1. If the dealer does not have A-K high or better: you win 1/3 the size of your total bets.
  2. If he does have A-K high, a pair, or better, and you beat him, you are paid even money on 1/3 your bet and paid the other 2/3 based on the pay-table to the right.

Strategy Tip: Optimal Strategy is to fold any hand that is not at least Ace-King-Jack-Eight-Three. If your hand does not match or beat that hand folding is most often the best move.

Progressive Side Bet

Another element to the game is a 1 chip drop bet, which is optional; 1 chips means 1 unit of currency (example $1/€1/£1). This single bet qualifies for a chance at the progressive jackpot. If you’re dealt a straight flush you receive 10% of the jackpot and if dealt a royal flush 100% of the jackpot. There are three other hands that get paid a fixed amount which are four of a kind, full house and a flush. While the payouts vary greatly between casinos, four of a kind often pays 500 chips, full house pays 100 chips, and a flush either 50 or 100 chips. To be clear: the dealers hand is not a factor in the progressive side bet.

How to Play?

At the start of each hand, each person is dealt five cards. The dealer is also dealt five cards. The player’s cards are dealt face down, but the dealer has one card exposed. In live casinos there are as many as seven seats, most online casinos deal the game heads up between a player and dealer although offers a three-handed version, and Cryptologic Casinos offer the same with five hands.

To start off, a player posts an ante. The ante must be neither more nor less than the posted betting limits. The player also has an option to play for the progressive jackpot by betting a set amount that goes towards it. You may only bet one unit on the jackpot bonus, typically that is $1, €1 or £1 depending where played.

After the player is dealt five cards, the player decides whether they would like to raise or fold. If the player folds, they lose their ante and jackpot bet. If the player would like to play the hand, they raise. A raise is equal to double the amount of the ante. If the ante is £10, the raise would be £20, for a total bet of £30.

After the player has made their decision to fold or raise, the dealer exposes their hand. If the dealer does not have an Ace-King high or better, the dealer fails to qualify. The ante bet wins, but the raise bet pushes. The jackpot bonus bet is paid, regardless of whether the dealer qualifies or not. If the dealer does have an ace king or better, the player must beat the dealer to win their ante and raise. The ante is paid even money. The raise is paid based on the table payout. The jackpot bonus bet is paid regardless of whether the player beats the dealer. If the dealer and player push, both the ante bet and the raise are returned, much like a push in blackjack.

Live Play

In the live version, it is important to avoid showing your hands to other players or discussing your hand with another player. Many casinos will void your hand and you will lose your bet. If you continue to discuss your hand at the table, they may even remove you from the game. Discussion of hands has sometimes been linked to collusion. Even if that is not your goal, it is important not to talk about the cards while players are deciding whether to fold or raise.

Modified Rules

In live casinos of Eastern Europe, and online at Pinnacle Casino, a similar game is offered called Oasis Poker. Here all the rules are the same, except when here you have the options to “fold”, “raise” or “DRAW”. If you choose one of the first two options the game is played just like Caribbean Stud Poker. If you choose to draw, generally one card cost one times the ante, two cards twice the ante, three cards three times the ante, four cards one or two times the ante (this varies) and all five cards one times the ante.