Optimal Strategy

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Since so many people come to our site looking for the optimal Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy, we’ve decided to make it easier for you all by producing this great instructional video. Don’t be overwhelmed, it really is quite easy.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a fun game; if you’ve never played before, see our page on how to play. In this article here I assume you know the rules, and therefore will move forward discussing the Strategy. On to that topic… while there is a lot of luck in every casino game, there is also some strategy to use at the table. Of course the best strategy is to just get dealt a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind or full house for the big win. Unfortunately, most of the time you’re dealt lower value hands that do not contain a pair or higher. Those are the hands that will require knowing at the bare minimum basic strategy.

Basic Strategy

The dealer must have an Ace, King or higher to open. If the dealer fails to open, you will automatically win your ante bet. Some players make the mistake of only playing a pair or better. That is not the best basic strategy though. The easiest, most basic strategy, is to play any hand that is Ace, King, Jack, Eight, Three or higher. When playing this hand, you will have many of the Ace, King hands that the dealer must have to open beat. When playing this way, the house advantage is 5.22% on the ante bet. If you include the raise wagers in the total wager amount, the house advantage is lowered to 2.56%.

Advanced Strategy

A more advanced play for you non paired hands is to raise when you have Ace, King and the dealer has a Two through Queen showing that matches one of your cards. You should also raise if the dealer shows an Ace or King and you have a Queen or Jack in your hand to go with an Ace and King. A player should also raise with an Ace and King, when the dealer’s exposed card does not match any of your cards, or when you have a queen and the dealer’s exposed card is lower than your fourth highest. All of these advanced strategies add only a minimal return to players. Sticking to the Ace, King, Jack, Eight, Three or better strategy will not substantially change your return from the advanced strategy.

Is it Possible to Collude?

There is also one other way to improve your chances of winning. This involves teamwork and is frowned upon by the casino. This is why their are rules about discussing or exposing your hands. This rule is enforced everywhere, however in Atlantic City they tend to take it the most serious. Here it is not uncommon to see a sign on the table that says any discussion between players about their hands will result in winning hands being declared void. However, this strategy does greatly reduce the casino’s house advantage and some players do take the risk. You can read about this in my article on Collusion Strategy. Please pay very close attention to the risks.

Playing Online

The same strategy suggested of staying in with A-K-J-8-3 or better, and folding with worse, also applies to online casinos. Perhaps the biggest tip I can give you is to choose your game wisely. Two of the best games that can be found online are not offered by companies that market themselves as online casinos. These companies are popular US friendly poker site www.carbonpoker.com and popular US friendly sportsbook www.5dimes.eu. Neither has all that much marketing on their website but as mentioned these are the two best places to play on the internet.

Carbon Poker includes a mini casino in their download poker client which offers only the games Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud and Video Poker. The major deal here is they offer Caribbean Stud Poker with mega jackpots where only a 20 cent per hand drop is required to participate. This is an 80% savings off the traditional $1.00 it costs to play the drop bet progressive bonus at live casinos and their online competitors.

Meanwhile at leading reduced juice sportsbook 5Dimes, you’ll find 10 versions of the in their DGS Casino some of which have just a 0.49% house advantage due to increased payouts. If you’re going to play online consider reading every word of our 5Dimes Review before getting started.

Honest Websites

Finally the last strategy is to avoid scams and stick to playing only with legitimate sites. Just recently Certified Fair Gaming (CFG) and the “Wizard of Odds” uncovered a rigged craps game operated by software provider BLR Technologies, and a faulty yet unbeatable Jacks or Better video poker game by software provider Amigotechs. We at CaribbeanStudPoker.org follow the forums and newswires closely so you can be absolutely sure were recommending only reputable, certified and safe places to play. If the sites are not listed somewhere on our pages consider they might be rogue. If you find them listed anywhere on our more than two dozen pages you can be assured that the software is fair and more than safe.