Caribbean Stud Poker Collusion Strategy

Caribbean Stud Poker has an advantage that other table games do not have. Taking it a step further than my other article covered, at this game players can collude to make the game pay back over 100%. Before you get too excited, it will require a lot of effort to have Caribbean Stud swing to a player advantage. Not only does it require a lot of partners, it requires being discreet.

When colluding at Caribbean Stud, players need to know the cards of the other players at the table. This information becomes helpful when trying to determine the dealer’s hand. The more aces, kings, and matches to the dealer’s door card there are, the more helpful the information becomes. This is because the dealer needs an Ace-King high or better to qualify. The more aces and kings that are dealt to players, the less likely it is that the dealer qualifies. Also, the more cards out that match the dealer’s door card, the less likely the dealer is to pair. Most casinos offer six or seven seat tables. A six seat table would give players only a slight advantage, a seven seat table, if full of colluders, could give the player an advantage of up to 2.3%.

How to Collude at Live Casinos

Caribbean Stud CollusionIf you decide to collude, make sure to bet low as drawing attention to your team is not a good idea. Now before getting started, the first thing that you should do is decide on a signal to tell the other players what you have been dealt. There should be one signal for the number of aces and kings dealt, and another signal for matching the dealer’s door card. The easiest way to do this is with chips. Take the $5 red chips and use them for one signal, and use $1 chips or coins for the other signal. For example, if a player is dealt an ace, a king, and matches the dealer’s door card, a player could pick up their entire stack off of the table except for two $5 chips and one $1 chip. This would tell the other players that he has two aces, two kings, or one of each. This also tells the player that he matches the dealer’s door card. This information can be used by other players to decide whether they should play borderline hands.

With this type of information, it is time to decide what to do with your borderline hand. If you do not have Ace, King, Jack, Eight, Three, you should only raise if all of the dealer’s door cards are matched and at least half of the aces and kings are out. The borderline Ace-King high hands should only be called if your fellow colluders have all of the remaining dealer door cards. This prevents the dealer from pairing his door card. A player that is dealt a low pair should fold unless the dealer’s hole card is lower than the player’s pair, unless two of the three remaining dealer door cards are held by other players. The same goes for middle and high pairs up to kings if the dealer’s door card has been matched once by players. Low pairs are defined using the same guide as Paigow Poker, which is twos through sixes. Everything else is a middle or high pair.

While this type of collusion could get caught in a live casino, there are a few online casinos that offer multiple seat Caribbean Stud. Players could cheat using chat programs, the phone or sitting side by side on multiple internet connections. The problem is that these games typically only have three or five seats which are not enough seats to make this +EV. Another issue is that online casinos tend to have strict security and a lifetime of hand histories. When a player tries to cash out, this type of collusion can be detected. If you’re willing to take the risk, something I advise strongly against, allow me discuss the sites this option is available.

Multi-Player Caribbean Stud Online

888Casino – is the most reputable online casino offering multi-player Caribbean Stud, though each table only has three seats. If there were no other factors involved, even if we could somehow get away with knowing the cards of all three seats, the house advantage would still hover around 3.2%. If we add in a 100% deposit bonus at their published Caribbean Stud clear rate, plus their comp point VIP program, and had all three seats, the advantage to the house is still around 2.4%.

Cyptologic Casinos – casinos using this software provider offer a five-handed multi-player Caribbean Stud game. Again if we could somehow get away with knowing the cards of all five seats, here the house advantage is just under 2.0%. If I add in the 100% deposit bonus, and typical comp points program, the house advantage could theoretically be dropped to 0.56%, which is still an advantage to the house.

Better Odds Available at 5Dimes Casino

As you can see even with generous bonus offers and cheating to the point it would be near impossible pull off, with what’s currently available for online multi-player Caribbean Stud Poker there is no strategy that can overcome the house advantage. The good news is with no cheating at all required a 0.49% single player game does exist online at a reputable casino. Before playing online, be sure to read every word of our in depth 5Dimes Casino Review where that game is fully covered.

Conclusion on Collusion Strategy

While talking about how to beat the casino is fun, collusion is something that can get you in trouble. As we determined online it’s not even +EV, but in live casinos +EV possibilities do exist. If you decide to try it, keep in mind if you get caught, you will be lucky if the only consequence is getting kicked out of the casino.